May 29, 2017

Start Your Own Repair Computer Repair Business

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Welcome to a brand new blog where I will be documenting my own successes and failures when I started my first computer repair business.  This blog will offer advice and tips in all areas of my business which I have used and proven works and will continue to use in my current and next business ventures.

As a brand new business owner I fell for many traps and pitfalls which I will talk about here.  Some cost me £1000s – potentially a business closer!  Some costing reputation and loss of customers.

Take as much or as little as your require from this blog but use it to your own advantage.

Who is this blog for?

  1. New Computer Shop Owners
  2. Existing Repair Shop Owners wanting to push their business to the next level
  3. Mobile Phone Repair Shop owners
  4. Repair Technicians – Mobile or Work from home.
  5. Anyone looking to start a new business (not just computer repairs)
  6. Employed IT technician wanting to start up on their own





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